The Routledge Handbook of Critical Social Work

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The Routledge Handbook of Critical Social Work brings together the world’s leading scholars in the field to provide a cutting-edge overview of classic and current research and future trends in the subject.

Comprised of 48 chapters divided into six parts:

- Historical, social, and political influences

- Mapping the theoretical and conceptual terrain

- Methods of engagement and modes of analysis

- Critical contexts for practice and policy

- Professional education and socialisation

- Future challenges, directions, and transformations

It provides an authoritative guide to theory and method, and the primary debates of today in social work from a critical perspective.

This handbook is a major reference work and the first book to comprehensively map the wide-ranging territory of critical social work. It does so by addressing its conceptual developments, its methodological advances, its value-based front-line practice and as an influence on the policy field. By offering a definitive survey of current academic knowledge as it relates to professional practice, it provides the first comprehensive, up-to-date, definitive work of reference while at the same time identifying emerging, innovative and cutting-edge areas.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages610
ISBN (Electronic)9781351264402
ISBN (Print)9781138578432
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2019

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NameRoutledge International Handbooks


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