The geography of children: an annotated bibliography

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In an ideal world, this bibliography would present a summary list of published work that has enhanced the understanding of a global community of scholars whose interests revolve around children and childhood. More precisely, it would provide a reference resource on work that has explored the geographical dimensions of children’s lives. Instead, this bibliography offers the opportunity for the multidisciplinary and international audience of Childhood to familiarise itself with a literature with which, as a result of the disciplinary basis of the academic division of labour, it will be largely unfamiliar. However, all readers will recognise at least some of the works listed below. For the geography of children is not, and should not, be the preserve of academics who identify themselves as geographers. Geographers are concerned with issues of environment, space, place and landscape; spatial variation; the distinctiveness of place; the importance of scale; changes through time; and the interaction of human and physical worlds. But ‘non’-geographers are also interested and concerned with parts of this staple diet of geography. Indeed, a richer understanding of place attachment, use of space, environmental understanding and the myriad of other geographies that are covered in this bibliography has been achieved as a result of the array of perspectives that have been brought to bear upon them. Thus it is no surprise to find that in this bibliography for every contribution by a recognised geographer, there is another by a ‘non’-geographer. The aim of this bibliography is, therefore, to foster an explicit concern with the geography of children, which I would argue, is best conceived as an international and a multidisciplinary endeavour.
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JournalChildhood : a journal of global child research
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