Systematic reviews of prevention of venous ulcer recurrence

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To illustrate and discuss the role of systematic reviews in assessing the effect of interventions used in preventing recurrence of venous ulceration.

Systematic review of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) reporting the recurrence of venous ulcers. We searched the Cochrane Wounds Group specialised trial register in June 2000. This contains results of searches for RCTs in 18 electronic databases and hand searches. Trials were assessed for inclusion by two people and data extraction was performed using a standard proforma.

We found weak evidence that wearing compression hosiery reduces recurrence rates. There was insufficient evidence for the effectiveness of drugs, vein surgery, exercise or leg elevation.

Where systematic reviews provide clear implications for practice are found, clinicians can incorporate these into treatment regimens. Where results indicate that there is clinical uncertainty, as in the prevention of recurrence, this can assist commissioners and researchers in prioritising research questions.
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  • systematic review
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  • venous ulceration

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