SAI: safety application identifier algorithm at MAC layer for vehicular safety message dissemination over LTE VANET networks

Shuja Ansari, Marvin Sanchez, Tuleen Boutaleb, Sinan Sinanovic, Carlos Gamio, Ioannis Krikidis

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    Vehicular safety applications have much significance in preventing road accidents and fatalities. Among others, cellular networks have been under investigation for the procurement of these applications subject to stringent requirements for latency, transmission parameters, and successful delivery of messages. Earlier contributions have studied utilization of Long-Term Evolution (LTE) under single cell, Friis radio, or simplified higher layer. In this paper, we study the utilization of LTE under multicell and multipath fading environment and introduce the use of adaptive awareness range. Then, we propose an algorithm that uses the concept of quality of service (QoS) class identifiers (QCIs) along with dynamic adaptive awareness range. Furthermore, we investigate the impact of background traffic on the proposed algorithm. Finally, we utilize medium access control (MAC) layer elements in order to fulfill vehicular application requirements through extensive system-level simulations. The results show that, by using an awareness range of up to 250 m, the LTE system is capable of fulfilling the safety application requirements for up to 10 beacons/s with 150 vehicles in an area of 2 × 2 km 2. The urban vehicular radio environment has a significant impact and decreases the probability for end-to-end delay to be ≤100 ms from 93%-97% to 76%-78% compared to the Friis radio environment. The proposed algorithm reduces the amount of vehicular application traffic from 21 Mbps to 13 Mbps, while improving the probability of end-to-end delay being ≤100 ms by 20%. Lastly, use of MAC layer control elements brings the processing of messages towards the edge of network increasing capacity of the system by about 50%.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article number6576287
    JournalWireless Communications and Mobile Computing
    Publication statusPublished - 27 Feb 2018


    • algorithm
    • vehicular safety applications
    • cellular networks

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