Multiresolution, perceptual and vector quantization based video codec

Akbar Sheik Akbari, Pooneh Zadeh Bagheri, Tom Buggy, John Soraghan

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This paper presents a novel Multiresolution, Perceptual and Vector Quantization (MPVQ) based video coding scheme. In the intra-frame mode of operation, a wavelet transform is applied to the input frame and decorrelates it into its frequency subbands. The coefficients in each detail subband are pixel quantized using a uniform quantization factor divided by the perceptual weighting factor of that subband. The quantized coefficients are finally coded using a quadtree-coding algorithm. Perceptual weights are specifically calculated for the centre of each detail subband. In the inter-frame mode of operation, a Displaced Frame Difference (DFD) is first generated using an overlapped block motion estimation/compensation technique.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)569-583
Number of pages15
JournalMultimedia Tools and Applications
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2012


  • video coding scheme
  • algorithm


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