London and its legacy: sport for all older people?

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I assume we all know by now that London is hosting the 2012 version of the Olympic Games. It would be difficult to ignore, even without access to the visual or print media as the reminders are pretty ubiquitous. The Olympic Games are a sporting occasion. They are an opportunity for athletes in their chosen sport to compete at the highest level of physical competence and psychological preparedness. Modern athletes receive funding to dedicate themselves full-time to attaining such exceptionally high levels of physical and psychological capital. Those who do not have access to such resources are unlikely to qualify for the competition. So the deployment of the athleticism we will see at the venues or on our screens will be literally awesome. Will it be awe-inspiring or inspiring? The question is worth asking because, whilst it is clearly not in everybody’s gift to compete, an integral part of the bid for hosting an Olympic Games is the presence and quality of the legacy agenda.
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Specialist publicationGenerations Review
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2012


  • London Olympics
  • sport for all
  • older people
  • physical activity


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