La interacción entre las marcas y sus seguidores en Facebook: el caso de Hugo Boss

Translated title of the contribution: The interaction between brands and their followers on Facebook: the case of Hugo Boss

Marián Navarro-Beltrá, Susana Miquel-Segarra, Irene Garcia Medina

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Social media has changed the way organizations have
to communicate with their public, in fact, the massive use of the Internet
that unidirectionality gives way to bidirectionality. In particular, networks
social networks make it possible for companies to maintain a direct dialogue with their customers, so Facebook is frequently used by these institutions
to promote your products or brands. Thus, luxury brands usually have
a defined digital strategy that includes the use of social networks with the
purpose of interacting with your followers. Given this context, it is worth mentioning to Hugo Boss, since it is a luxury brand with an outstanding presence in social networks. Therefore, the objective of this work is based on analyzing the dialogue that Hugo Boss maintains with his followers on Facebook. For this, has carried out a content analysis of the repercussions (reactions, content shared, comments from followers and responses from the brand)
of 163 publications made by Hugo Boss on Facebook in 2017. The main results of this work show that all publications they generate reactions, that most of them are shared and that followers usually make comments, although the brand usually does not respond. It should be noted that, significantly, Hugo Boss responds less frequently to the comments that their fans make in publications with little impact (low number of reactions, comments and poorly shared). This
comloc 2018: the advertising business in the digital society form, to greater number of reactions, comments and shared content, more answers from the brand. Therefore, and to conclude, one could affirm that Hugo Boss usually interacts and dialog with his followers mainly in those posts that have a greater impact.
Translated title of the contributionThe interaction between brands and their followers on Facebook: the case of Hugo Boss
Original languageSpanish
Title of host publicationXV Congreso de Comunicacion Local ComLoc. El negocio publicitario en la sociedad digital
Place of PublicationCastelló de la Plana
PublisherUniversitat Jaume I
Number of pages25
ISBN (Electronic)978-84-17429-77-5
Publication statusPublished - Jan 2019


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  • social networks
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