‘Individual and society in the films of Tim Burton’

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Book abstract: Since Jung and Film was first published in 2001, Jungian writing on the moving image in film and television has accelerated. Jung and Film II: The Return provides new contributions from authors across the globe willing to tackle the broader issues of film production and consumption, the audience and the place of film culture in our lives. As well as chapters dealing with particular film makers such as Maya Derren and films such as Birth, The Piano, The Wrestler and Breaking the Wave, there is also a unique chapter co-written by documentary film-maker Tom Hurvitz and New York Jungian analyst Margaret Klenck. Other areas of discussion include: the way in which psychological issues come under scrutiny in many movies the various themes that concern Jungian writers on film how Jungian ideas on psychological personality types can be applied in fresh ways to analyse a variety of characters. the book also includes a glossary to help readers with Jungian words and concepts. Jung and Film IIis not only a welcome companion to the first volume, it is an important stand- alone work essential for all academics and students of analytical psychology as well as film, media and cultural studies.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationJung and Film II: the return
Subtitle of host publicationFurther Post-Jungian Takes on the Moving Image
EditorsChristopher Hauke, Luke Hockley
Number of pages20
ISBN (Electronic) 9780203803417
ISBN (Print)9780415488976
Publication statusPublished - Jun 2011


  • film studies
  • Carl Jung
  • Tim Burton
  • director
  • individual and society


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