Feasibility, accuracy, and repeatability of suprathreshold saccadic vector optokinetic perimetry

Ian C. Murray, Lorraine A. Cameron, Alice D. McTrusty, Antonios Perperidis, Harry M. Brash, Brian W. Fleck, Robert A. Minns

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Purpose: To evaluate feasibility, accuracy, and repeatability of suprathreshold Saccadic Vector Optokinetic Perimetry (SVOP) by comparison with Humphrey Field Analyzer (HFA) perimetry.

Methods: The subjects included children with suspected field defects (n = 10, age 5–15 years), adults with field defects (n = 33, age 39–78 years), healthy children (n = 12, age 6–14 years), and healthy adults (n = 30, age 16–61 years). The test protocol comprised repeat suprathreshold SVOP and HFA testing with the C-40 test pattern. Feasibility was assessed by protocol completeness. Sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy of SVOP was established by comparison with reliable HFA tests in two ways: (1) visual field pattern results (normal/abnormal), and (2) individual test point outcomes (seen/unseen). Repeatability of each test type was assessed using Cohen's kappa coefficient.

Results: Of subjects, 82% completed a full protocol. Poor reliability of HFA testing in child patients limited the robustness of comparisons in this group. Sensitivity, specificity, and accuracy across all groups when analyzing the visual field pattern results was 90.9%, 88.5%, and 89.0%, respectively, and was 69.1%, 96.9%, and 95.0%, respectively, when analyzing the individual test points. Cohen's kappa coefficient for repeatability of SVOP and HFA was excellent (0.87 and 0.88, respectively) when assessing visual field pattern results, and substantial (0.62 and 0.74, respectively) when assessing test point outcomes.

Conclusions: SVOP was accurate in this group of adults. Further studies are required to assess SVOP in child patient groups.

Translational Relevance: SVOP technology is still in its infancy but is used in a number of centers. It will undergo iterative improvements and this study provides a benchmark for future iterations.
Original languageEnglish
Article number15
Number of pages12
JournalTranslational Vision Science & Technology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 31 Aug 2016


  • SVOP; perimetry; saccadic eye movements; visual fields


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