Evaluating the impact and legacy of a year long pan national event: the case of Homecoming Scotland 2014

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Homecoming Scotland 2014 (HS14) was a year long event celebrating the very best of Scottish arts, culture, food/drink, nature, activities, history and ancestry. The tourism initiative was commissioned to position Scotland on the international stage as a dynamic and creative nation (VisitScotland, 2014). The coordinated event programme offered Scotland the potential to extend the benefits and opportunities accessible from Glasgow 2014 The XX Commonwealth Games, The 2014 MTV European Music Awards and The 2014 Gleneagles Ryder Cup. As Scotland set to welcome the world in 2014, so it also prepared the nation to take part in a vote on Scottish independence. The Moffat Centre for Travel and Tourism Business Development at Glasgow Caledonian University was commissioned by the Scottish government and the Scottish national events organisation; EventScotland to evaluate the economic impact of the event.HS14 delivered a year long celebration of 1,049 festivals and events and achieved attendances of more than 4.6 million people at a wide range of branded events; geographically dispersed across: islands, cities, towns, highlands and lowlands. This paper will consider how this year long event was monitored and evaluated economically. The methodology of examination and sampling will be considered as well as the social and marketing elements. Delineating and understanding the complimentary impacts of mega-events at the time of international sporting events and national referendums, when Scotland was to take a national vote to determine whether or not to separate from the rest of the United Kingdom, creates further complexity in isolating real economic impacts (Rojek, 2013; Morrison & Hay, 2010).
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Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • Homecoming Scotland 2014
  • tourism
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