Charles Stewart Parnell and His Times: A Bibliography

Neil C. Fleming, Alan O'Day

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Charles Stewart Parnell (1846-1891) wrote remarkably little about himself, but he has attracted the attention of many writers, politicians, and scholars, both during his lifetime and ever since. His controversial and provocative role in Irish and British affairs had him vilified as a murderer in "The Times", and afterwards dramatically vindicated by the Westminster Parliament. It cast him as a romantic hero to the young James Joyce, and a self-serving opportunist to the journalists of the Nation. Parnell has been the subject of court cases, parliamentary enquiries and debates, journalism, plays, poems, literary analysis and historical studies. For the first time all these have been collected, catalogued and cross-referenced in one volume, an invaluable resource for scholars of late nineteenth century Ireland and Britain.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCharles Stewart Parnell and His Times: A Bibliography
ISBN (Print)9780313282911
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2011


  • history
  • Charles Stewart Parnell
  • biography


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