An Investigation into the impact of techno-entrepreneurship education on self-employment

Farnaz Farzin, Julie Thomson, Rob Dekkers, Geoffrey Whittam

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    Research has shown that techno-entrepreneurship is
    economically significant. Therefore, it is suggested that teaching
    techno-entrepreneurship may be important because such programmes
    would prepare current and future generations of learners to recognise
    and act on high-technology opportunities. Education in technoentrepreneurship
    may increase the knowledge of how to start one’s
    own enterprise and recognise the technological opportunities for
    commercialisation to improve decision-making about starting a new
    venture; also it influence decisions about capturing the business
    opportunities and turning them into successful ventures. Universities
    can play a main role in connecting and networking technoentrepreneurship
    students towards a cooperative attitude with real
    business practice and industry knowledge. To investigate and answer
    whether education for techno-entrepreneurs really helps, this paper
    choses a comparison of literature reviews as its method of research.
    After reviewing literature related to the impact of technoentrepreneurship
    education on self-employment 6 studies which had
    similar aim and objective to this paper were. These particular papers
    were selected based on a keywords search and as their aim,
    objectives, and gaps were close to the current research. In addition,
    they were all based on the influence of techno-entrepreneurship
    education in self-employment and intention of students to start new
    ventures. The findings showed that teaching techno-entrepreneurship
    education may have an influence on students’ intention and their
    future self-employment, but which courses should be covered and the
    duration of programmes, needs further investigation.
    Original languageEnglish
    Number of pages13
    Publication statusPublished - 2014


    • techno entrepreneurship education
    • training
    • higher education
    • intention
    • self-employment


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