The role of Social Innovation in the Social and Solidarity based economy: Perspectives from UK and Argentina

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The main objective of the proposed workshop is to share knowledge, experiences and best practices around the role of social innovation in the social economy and its potential developmental impact in the UK and Argentina. This relationship will be considered from an institutional and regulatory angle, but we will also explore theories and practice around social enterprise and the role of universities in social innovation.
The workshop will be conducted in partnership with the National University of Moreno (UNM), also major players in the study and promotion of the social economy sector at an institutional level. The UK partner is the Yunus Centre for Social Business and health in Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU), aiming to transform lives of vulnerable communities through pioneering research in social enterprise, and named after Nobel Peace Laureate and SDG signatory, Muhammad Yunus.
This workshop will enable sharing good practices and finding joint areas of interest to start a longstanding international collaboration.
Short titleThe role of Social Innovation in the Social and Solidarity based economy
Effective start/end date19/03/1821/03/18


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