Societal values and health policy making: the role of consistency, coherence and consensus

  • Baker, Rachel (PI)
  • Bryan, Stirling (CoI)
  • Frith, Lucy (CoI)
  • Rumbold, Benedict (CoI)
  • Stewart, Ellen (CoI)

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The views of the public are relevant to decisions about how health budgets are distributed. Every decision to pay for something (e.g. medicine or other treatment) is a decision not to pay for something else that might have benefitted someone else, so these are important decisions.

However, members of the public disagree about how health resources should be used, which presents a challenge. How should decisions be made, that respect public views, when ‘the public’ disagrees?

Researchers with different backgrounds have approached this problem differently, working with small groups to deliberate, or conducting large surveys – some focused on the majority view or achieving consensus, others on the coherence and consistency of arguments.

We will bring together researchers with health policy people to discuss ideas and design new research that combines our knowledge. This grant covers research leave for planning and writing, a symposium and deliberative, research design event.
Short titleSocietal values and health policy making
Effective start/end date1/11/1831/10/19


  • The Wellcome Trust: £27,445.00


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