Social and Emotional Education and Development (SEED): A Stratified Cluster Randomised Trial of a Milti-Component Primary School Intervention that follows the Pupils' Transition into Secondary School

  • Elliott, Lawrence (CoI)
  • Henderson, Marion (PI)
  • Jackson, Caroline (CoI)
  • Bond, Lyndal (CoI)
  • Wilson, Philip (CoI)
  • Levin, Kate Ann (CoI)
  • Haw, Sally J. (CoI)
  • Wight, Daniel (CoI)
  • McConnachie, Alex (CoI)
  • Fenwick, Elizabeth (CoI)

Project Details


The overarching aim is to rigorously evaluate via a stratified, cluster randomised trial the impact of a multi-component primary school intervention (SEED) that aims to improve pupils’ social and emotional wellbeing.
Effective start/end date1/02/1631/07/17


  • Medical Research Council: £914,000.00


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