Scottish Funding Council Innovation Voucher - Prototyping and development of a novel heel pressure relieving device

  • Woodburn, James (PI)
  • Smith, Esther (CoI)

Project Details


Background: Pressure ulcers are reported to cost NHS UK £1.4 million per day. Many are heel ulcers and are potentially preventable. The Scottish Diabetes Foot Action group (SDFAG) showed approximately 20% of in-patients have diabetes and 40-50% are ‘high risk’ of ulceration. Other ‘at risk’ groups include the elderly, post operative and those with multi-morbidity. Approximately 2% of those ‘at risk’ will develop new iatrogenic heel ulcers during their admission. The CPR for Foot campaign, supported by Scottish Government aims to ensure patients are checked on admission. Protection used if ‘at risk’ and referred if they have a problem. Existing pressure relieving devices are often poorly tolerated, potentially cause harm if fitted incorrectly and often not used.

Aims: develop and clinically test a person-centred heel pressure relieving device that will address risk factors for ulceration (pressure, shear, moisture) that is tolerated by the individual and easy for clinicians to use.

Outputs: using the years of diabetes footcare expertise of SBBK Medical we have developed a prototype which will achieve the above aims. In collaboration with GCU and the MDU we will test this product in a “real world” setting, assess its effectiveness and refine the device further.
Effective start/end date1/11/1931/07/20


  • Scottish Government: £5,000.00


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