Promoting smoking cessation during pregnancy: a combined feasibility and pilot trial of a theory-based intervention using narrative, images and embedded behaviour change techniques, delivered via text-messaging.

  • Elders, Andrew (PI)
  • Cheyne, Helen (CoI)
  • O’Carroll, Ronan (CoI)
  • Abhyankar, Purva (CoI)
  • Bauld, Linda (CoI)
  • Jones, Claire (CoI)
  • Hogarth, Fiona (CoI)
  • Steele, Mary (CoI)
  • Gardner, Celia (CoI)
  • Winton, Margaret (CoI)

Project Details


We have developed an intervention that aims to help pregnant women to stop smoking by sending text messages with embedded behaviour change techniques. We need to do a large scale trial to find out if the intervention works in helping them to quit, but a feasibility/pilot study is required first to test out the trial methods.
Effective start/end date1/11/1630/04/19


  • Chief Scientist Office: £276,915.00


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