Pharmacy Homeless Outreach Engagement Non medical Independent prescribing Rx (PHOENIx) after drug overdose for people experiencing homelessness: protocol for a pilot randomised controlled trial

  • Farmer, Natalia (CoI)
  • Lowrie, Dr Richard (PI)
  • Johnson, Chris (CoI)
  • McPherson, Dr Andrew (CoI)
  • Stock, Kate (CoI)
  • Knapp, Megan (CoI)
  • Lucey , Sharon (CoI)
  • Provan , George (CoI)
  • Lombard , Cian (CoI)
  • Spencer , Dr Ruth (CoI)
  • Sills, Dr Laura (CoI)
  • Williams , Dr Andrea E (CoI)
  • Montgomery, Margret (CoI)
  • Hislop , Jenifer (CoI)
  • Campbell, John (CoI)
  • MacDonald, Lynn (CoI)
  • Liddell, Dave (CoI)
  • Maguire, Dr Donogh (CoI)
  • Paudyal, Dr Vibhu (CoI)
  • Mair, Prof Frances (CoI)
  • Wishart, Steven (CoI)
  • Duncan, Dr Clare (CoI)


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Social Sciences

Medicine and Dentistry