Modelling of wet gas flow through Venturi Meters ETP Studentship

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The main objective of this exchange period would be to work at Hint B. V., the Netherlands, in order to further develop a novel physical model for wet gas metering with Venturi tubes presented in 2016 by van Maanen (Hint B. V.) and de Leeuw (Shell Global Solution). The model will be compared with experimental results collected during the PhD at GCU and TUV NEL (PhD sponsor company). We aim to include the pressure loss ratio prediction and to improve the model performance especially for vertically oriented Venturi tubes. Findings will be reported to journal and conferences such as the North sea flow measurement workshop, the European flow measurement workshop and the Journal of flow measurement and instrumentation.
Effective start/end date1/03/1828/09/18


  • Energy Technology Partnership: £2,350.00


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