Material Testing of Dropped Object Protection System

  • Smith, Esther (PI)

Project Details


Determination of tensile properties of the dropped object protections system to include:

Young’s modulus to establish the material stiffness which will provide accurate data for input into finite element analysis,

Poisson’s Ratio for accurate input into finite element analysis to allow modelling to be performed.

It is proposed that 3 dog bone type samples will be tested. The dimensions of these will be in accordance with BS EN ISO 527 – 1:2012 and BS EN ISO 527 – 2:1996 BS 2782-3: Method 322: 1994. Crimson Engineering Ltd will supply samples of their dropped object protection system for testing to be delivered to Dr Esther Smith prior to the commencement of the contract.
Effective start/end date31/08/1715/09/17


  • Crimson Engineering: £1,200.00


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