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Naturally Compliant (NC) has found it challenging to scan the continual stream of submitted local authority planning applications to identify those with environmental requirements that will require NC’s services. At present this is undertaken manually.
The project proposed is a feasibility study to look into the possibility of automating the planning application searching activities using modern and innovative technologies and services. A key challenge concerns the fact that planning application are completed manually and use a range of terminology with differing semantics depending on the nature of the application. In addition, each local authority has a different approach to managing the planning applications and there is no consistent method of presenting them to the general public on their planning portal websites. Therefore, the feasibility study will aim to identify a generic approach for automatically accessing each local authority repository and the identification of planning applications based on key search terminology.
Effective start/end date2/02/1910/05/19


  • Scottish Government: £5,000.00
  • Naturally Compliant Ltd


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