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    To complement Global Treasure Apps the company is now running digital workshops where young people create learning outcome focused content and share their work on the global platform.

    A video showcasing one such workshop delivered in partnership with Edinburgh College and Edinburgh Castle is available on the company website The workshops are successful in both exposing young people – most notably girls – to digital content creation whilst also providing a means to learn about the history of a particular destination. With the popularity experienced in Scotland alone, the business sees huge opportunity to scale the workshops internationally.

    There is a clear demand from users to create their own content but the system being used at the moment is labour intensive. Global Trails is seeking to collaborate with an academic group to develop a bespoke, fit for purpose database and mobile platform with an automated content creation system using the latest in UXD. The innovative aspect of this project is to bring this unique content creation and sharing of content to a bigger audience through interactive technology, which will encourage digital skills as well as exploration of lesser known tourism destinations and sites, and to revitalize the data by opening it up to crowd sourced and social media interactions.

    The project will create the means whereby a location sensitive, informative mobile platform can be continuously updated with “user generated” creative imagery, audio, video and text and augmented reality material.

    This project will support a research inquiry centred on developing good practice User Experience guidelines that could be applied to other projects in the future.
    Effective start/end date6/07/186/09/18


    • Scottish Funding Council: £5,000.00
    • Global Treasure Trails
    • Scottish Government: £5,000.00
    • Global Treasure Trails


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