Future Memories - Glasgow re-imagines Dementia

  • Kerr, Fiona (PI)
  • Van Agtmael, Tom (CoI)
  • Carswell, Hilary (CoI)

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Around 90,000 people are living with Dementia in Scotland, and 8000 in Glasgow alone, with the disease impacting on families across all communities. Mapping global trends, the prevalence of Dementia in Glasgow is increasing, posing a significant challenge for future generations. A priority area for medical research is therefore to find life-changing treatments for Dementia.
Glasgow’s scientists are at the cutting-edge of this research, using sophisticated technologies to identity new genes which cause disease, map nerve cell connections and determine why they become damaged, find new treatments to protect the brain and to develop new diagnostic tests for Dementia. Celebrated for its culture and creativity, Glasgow researchers don’t work alone. Collaborations between biologists, chemists, engineers, psychologists, computer scientists, healthcare professionals, artists and musicians have led to creative ways to improve quality of life for patients and carers. Our Glasgow Science Festival event, ‘Future Memories: Glasgow re-imagines Dementia’, will bring together researchers, carers and families, at the Glasgow Women’s Library, and through discussions and hands-on activities provide opportunity to talk about existing work, offer support and signposts for carers and patients to influence future studies in this area, and share ideas on how we imagine a Dementia-free future.
Effective start/end date21/05/1823/07/18


  • Alzheimer's Society: £500.00


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