Future Development of the Social Enterprise Collection (Scotland): Collecting, preserving and interpreting the legacy of social enterprise in Scotland.

Project Details


National scoping review of key documentation and publications able to represent the historical development of social enterprise in Scotland.

Collection of oral history interviews with leading Scottish social entrepreneurs, community leaders, support organisations and the wider public.

Production of a series of publications which are accessible to the sector as well as the public, in publications including Pioneers Post, The Conversation and the Scottish Historical Review.

Travelling exhibition during 2018-19 with accompanying networking events, to tell the story of social enterprise in Scotland, raise the profile of the project and to identify and collect additional materials.

Participative sessions at Glasgow Caledonian University to introduce the Collections to visiting researchers and delegations and provide advice on interpreting its archival documents.
Effective start/end date1/11/1831/03/20


  • Scottish Government: £90,066.00
  • Scottish Government: £57,500.00


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