Frameworks to maximise effective intervention sustainability on the ward - a systematic review.

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The NHS is continually employing new initiatives to improve the care it provides. Examples of these include use of health promotion measures, changing the way care is delivered on the ward, and using eHealth to help patients self manage their condition(s). However, even when such initiatives have been shown to be successful, they are often not sustained over time. This can lead to wasted financial investment and potentially poorer health outcomes. There has been very little research to date that has looked at ways to improve sustaining initiatives in practice. We want to find out about strategies currently used to sustain different initiatives in a hospital ward-based setting. We will review all the published work on this topic, and will combine the findings to understand a) what strategies work to support long-term change (i.e. an initiative still in use 12 months after initial intervention delivery), b) how these strategies can inform a tool to support sustained change we have already developed (PIVOT) to create PIVOT+ (PIVOT plus key attributes arising from the review) and c) how PIVOT+ can be used in future studies looking at sustained change.
Effective start/end date1/11/1730/04/18


  • Chief Scientist Office: £28,222.00


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