Exploring and Evaluating the Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse in Scotland

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The proposed research examines the Disclosure Scheme for Domestic Abuse in Scotland (DSDAS), or ‘Clare’s Law’, in the context of police community relations. The DSDAS allows applicants to request information as to whether a current of potential partner has an abusive past. Domestic abuse is an area where individuals are often reluctant to engage with the police, however within the DSDAS scheme those making applications have to proactively engage with Police Scotland. A relatively new scheme, very little research has been conducted, and none in Scotland. Using a procedural justice framework, the project will investigate applicants’ confidence in the police, motivations to engage, and satisfaction with the process. It will also investigate local police officers’ experience of participating in, and administering the process, within a multi-agency approach. The project will utilise a mixed methods approach, employing quantitative analysis of police data on applications, and in-depth qualitative interviews with both applicants to the scheme and police officers administering the scheme in local divisions. Finding from the research will further knowledge on police community relations and build upon a number of recent improvements in policing in an area where historically engagement has not always been optimal.
Effective start/end date1/06/1931/05/20


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