Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of text message and endowment incentives for weight management in men with obesity: the Game of Stones randomised controlled trial

  • Elders, Andrew (CoI)
  • Hoddinott, Pat (PI)
  • Dombrowski, Stephan (CoI)
  • Hunt, Kate (CoI)
  • van der Pol, Marjon (CoI)
  • MacLennan, Graeme (CoI)
  • Kee, Frank (CoI)
  • McKinley, Michelle (CoI)
  • Harris, Fiona (CoI)
  • Turner, Katrina (CoI)
  • Avenell, Alison (CoI)
  • Gray, Cindy (CoI)
  • Tod, Martin (CoI)
  • Fowler, Colin (CoI)


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Earth & Environmental Sciences