Drink Baotic: Validating new health markets a scoping review

  • McClurg, Doreen (PI)
  • Njai, Isatou (CoI)

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    Drink Baotic, a multi-award winning drinks startup business, will be working in collaboration with Glasgow Caledonian University NMAHP RU center on this feasibility research project. This will enable the synthesis of both academic and industry research and a small pilot trial on Baotic’s impact to participants jut profile that will support ongoing innovation and aid clear positioning and delivery of Baotic product version to the health and care home market, specifically for customers suffering from gut issues and constipation. As quoted from professor Doreen McClurg “treatment for bowel dysfunction is poorly researched and is often referred to ‘as the elephant in the room’ as patients and clinicians are both reluctant to talk about the symptoms and prescription costs of laxatives and GP consultation is enormous currently standing at £101 million and growing”. Added to this is the £145 million cost of hospital admission per year. As well as this being a significant market for the business commercially, it is also a huge opportunity to make social health impact to millions of people for improved quality of life. The outputs of the project will also help advise and improve on areas of product development to better cater for this market.
    Effective start/end date1/05/1831/08/18


    • Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs: £3,866.00


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