Displaying and Explaining Women's Golf history - A Collaborative PhD with the British Golf Museum

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    This project will address an acknowledged ‘gap’ in the historiography of golf by exploring the ‘hidden’ history of women’s participation in the game in post-war Scotland through looking beyond the existing narratives around elite level players. This project seeks to understand what motivated women to take up the game, what challenges they faced, what they got from their participation and the potential influence of class, age and stage in lifecycle on their involvement. While the archives of the British Gold Museum (BGM) will be drawn upon extensively to understand the broader context of the women’s game in this period, the collection of oral histories will be a fundamental aspect of the project, thereby ensuring that these previously ‘hidden’ narratives are preserved for posterity within the collections of the BGM.
    The candidate will access the collections of the British Gold Museum (a part of The R&A), The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews and the Ladies’ Golf Union (LGU), which merged with The R&A in January 2017, to aid their primary research. The output of this study will be made available to the BGM to create new exhibitions and/or reinterpret existing displays and collections.
    Effective start/end date1/10/1931/03/23


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