COOL MUSIC (Community Orientated and Opportunity Learning MUSIC PROJECT) Stage 3

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Stage 2 COOL Music targeted groups of disadvantaged young people from deprived areas who face barriers which prevent them from being engaged in educational activities and have a negative impact on personal wellbeing. Extending our activities, Stage 3 will target young people facing social inequalities, focussing largely on those who have experienced trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) including abuse, neglect, household dysfunction and parental incarceration. Evidence shows these factors frequently lead to a spiral of negative behaviour that can have a lasting effect on future life-chances, including social development, family-life, future relationships, engagement in education and employment, as well as impacting health outcomes. Research shows that compared to people with no ACEs, those experiencing ACEs are up to 20-times more likely to be incarcerated at some point in their lives. Stage 3 COOL Music will address presented challenges by supporting young people with ACEs with the aim of preventing them from becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

Stage 3 adopts a preventative approach, scaling-up projects in mainstream/non-mainstream schools, care-services and community settings. As parental incarceration is a factor impacting young people’s behaviour and life-chances, we will scale-up further by delivering our services in Her Majesty’s Prison (HMP) Edinburgh, engaging participants in music-making, and education them on causes/impacts of ACEs. We will run a music-project for the children of prisoners and offer extended, more flexible and ‘mobile’ COOL Music services through a community-bus. This bus will provide an innovative approach to community engagement, enabling people to access essential multi-agency services.
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/19


  • Scottish Government: £249,170.00


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