Climate Justice Resilience and Mental Health

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    The causes and consequences of climate change and the ability to respond and adapt are unevenly distributed across different axes of inequality. Climate Justice is an integral part of the greater Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) discourse and mental health is a current priority for Public Health Scotland.
    This prototype will be the first in a series of conversations, led by those affected by issues relating to mental health and climate justice. It will be an opportunity for mental health practitioners, policy makers, academics, activists and individuals who have an interest in the way in which mental health can affect resilience to the impacts of climate change to come together to share their perspectives and to engage in cross-sector conversations.
    It will provide an opportunity to share relevant research findings from around the world, and a forum to discuss new research projects. It will provoke discussion amongst the audience and will bring a range of voices, ideas and approaches into the academic research process.
    It will spark new collaborations and connections, enabling conversations which will continue on a wider stage at the World Forum on Climate Justice which takes place in Glasgow in July 2019, chaired by Professor Tahseen Jafry of the Glasgow Centre for Climate Justice at Glasgow Caledonian University.
    Effective start/end date1/02/1931/03/19


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