Assessment of viral risk and assessment of biological safety utilising novel needle destruction system

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NeedleSmart has developed a market-leading technology that heats hypodermic needles into a molten state, prior to compressing it into a ball. The process takes just a fraction of a second to create a safe, sealed sphere of sterile metal that is no longer sharp. Needle Stick injuries are an increasing problem throughout the world as each year globally 12,000,000,000 injections will be administered and of these up to 3,000,000 Needle Stick injuries will occur. Of healthcare workers suffering a Needle Stick injury, across the UK: 30% will contract Hepatitis B, 3% will contract Hepatitis C, 0.3% will contract HIV/AIDS. 80% of all Needle Stick injuries are preventable.

The aim is to validate the new product to assess the ability to destroy pathogens that are thermos-resistant and demonstrate the efficacy of the new design. The equipment will be tested using a sample process control virus then the waste assessed for the presence of surviving virus using an infectious assay.
Effective start/end date1/12/1730/06/18


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