Analysis of xenotransplant patient for viral infections

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The recent demise of a xenotransplant recipient has made headlines across the globe. This study aims to assess the presence of PCMV in the test articles provided from donor and human recipient of a heart xenotransplant. At the request of Prof Muhammad Mohiuddin we will provide the following analysis as discussed on the test articles to be sent to us by University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSM). On receipt of samples, they will be checked that they have been shipped in a suitable manner and preserved to allow the extraction of nucleic acid. Samples requested, include, but are not limited to; 1) sera/plasma from the recipient (time series), tissue from the porcine cardiac xenograft (minimum of 500mg) and other relevant tissues from the end point; and 2) sera/plasma and PBMC from the donor animal, other tissues as specified. Analysis will be carried out as described below and the results reported to UMSM. Data will be sent in a password encrypted document for confidentiality. As described in the NDA, only those involved in the project will be notified of the work to be done.
Short titleXeno heart and PCMV
StatusNot started

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