Addressing uncertainty around the reach and quality of optometrist independent prescribing in Scotland

  • Jonuscheit, Sven (PI)
  • King, Caroline (CoI)
  • Geue, Claudia (CoI)
  • Lewsey, Jim (CoI)
  • Fischbacher, Colin (CoI)
  • Melia, Barry (CoI)

Project Details


Until recently, people with eye problems were treated by their GP or at a local hospital. Increasing pressure on eye services due to population ageing and new treatments is driving a shift in eye care to community settings. Optometrist Independent Prescribing (OIP) was introduced in 2009 to ensure that community optometrists can prescribe safely and effectively. However, the extent and quality of prescribing among optometrists are unknown. We will carry out a detailed analysis of current prescribing patterns and quality to bolster our National Institute for Health Research proposal on the economic impact of OIP and to guide spending decisions.
Effective start/end date1/04/1830/09/18


  • Chief Scientist Office: £31,226.00


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