A review of approaches to citizen engagement in evidence-informed policy-making

  • Macaulay, Bobby (PI)

Project Details


Background: The beliefs and opinions of individuals and communities are important to consider when designing policies to improve public health. While there are many suggestions as to how we may best gather and understand such opinions, it is unclear which approaches work best, in what situations, and why.
Approach: In this project, I will examine different approaches to involving the public in policy-making and consider their advantages and disadvantages. This will be carried out through a scoping review of academic sources, grey literature and policy documents, considering the context and strategy of each.
Impact: This research will provide an understanding of the range and nature of approaches to involving the public in health policy-making. The findings will then contribute to recommendations on how policy-makers can most effectively represent the views of individuals and communities alongside other sources of evidence when designing policies to improve public health.
Effective start/end date10/01/194/01/20


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