A Parish Level Study of Child Labour in NW Cotton Textiles, 1851 - 1911

  • Kirby, Peter (PI)

Project Details


This project will for the first time examine and explain the statistics of child labour beneath the level of published county level census tables. Newly-available parish-level occupation data will be used to map the incidence of child employment in cotton textiles in the north west of England between 1851 and 1911. The high quality of individual-level detail afforded by the recently-digitised enumerators books will allow previously intractable questions to be investigated. The project will focus on: (1) the statistics of parish-level child employment in north-west cotton textiles; (2) the extent of the half-time system of child employment in cotton textiles.
Effective start/end date21/08/1520/01/17


  • The Leverhulme Trust: £48,838.00


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