A Feasibility and Acceptability Study for a Randomised Controlled Trial of Urinary Catheter Washout Solutions to Prevent Blockage in Long-Term Catheter Users

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Long-term urinary catheters, utilised in 25% of elderly people in residential care, are a leading cause of infection and are associated with significant mortality and morbidity. With the population in Scotland aged over 64 estimated to increase by 59% to 1.47m by 2037, the numbers living with long-term catheters will rise. Approximately 75% of catheter users have recurrent blockages causing pain, discomfort and often hospitalisation. Washout solutions are commonly used to treat blockages. Our Cochrane review demonstrated the urgent need for a trial to assess the effectiveness of these solutions. This study will collect data needed to develop such a trial.
Effective start/end date1/10/1631/03/17


  • Chief Scientist Office


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