University Executive

  • Glasgow Caledonian University

    G4 0BA Glasgow

    United Kingdom

Research Output


Manganese oxide material for electrochemical cells

Bruce, P. G. & Robertson, A. D., 30 Mar 2010, IPC No. HOB I/02, Patent No. 7686984

Research output: Patent

Measurement of mass flow

Pugh, J., McGlinchey, D., Knight, L., McKenna, P., Zheng, Y. & Liu, Q., Dec 2010, Patent No. WO2010142999A3

Research output: Patent


Active knee joint structure with function of load-bearing and self-locking

Cheng, H., Chen, Y., Huang, R. & Lin, X., 20 Mar 2013, IPC No. CN102973337 A, Priority date 25 Sep 2012

Research output: Patent


DC/DC converter for high power DC grids

Aboushady, A. A. H. H. & Ahmed, K. H. K., 23 Nov 2017, IPC No. H02M 3/335 (2006.01), H02J 3/36 (2006.01), Patent No. PCT/GB2017/051364, Priority date 16 May 2016, Priority No. 1608582.1

Research output: Patent


Compounds with gap junction modulating activity

Due Larsen, B., Wright, C. S. & Martin, P. E. M., 24 May 2018, Patent No. PCT/EP2018/062223

Research output: Patent