Virtualisation _ Synthetic Worlds –Virtual and Augmented Reality systems and applications

    Activity: OtherTypes of Public engagement and outreach - Public lecture/debate/seminar


    Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR) offer a unique ability to a user to interact freely with objects/structures or systems without physical constraints, in their own time and in a safe manner. Dr Charissis has developed a number of systems and applications focusing on the HCI of these synthetic environments. This talk presents an overview of industry fields that currently use 3D/VR technology in order to design, develop, manufacture and evaluate their products prior to market release, with specific emphasis on previous and current projects in which the presenter has been involved. The talk will conclude with a discussion of the potential of 3D/VR technology in future applications and systems spanning from automotive engineering to VR surgical training.
    Held atBritish Computer Society (BCS), United Kingdom