Evaluation of Scotmid Directors

Activity: Consultancy


The consultancy will involve a sequential exploratory study to examine each Director’s experiences and opinions about the director(s) role(s) at Scotmid. The first stage will use a quantitative self-assessment questionnaire followed by 1:1 semi- structured interviews with each of Scotmid’s 11 Directors. The third stage will involve the preparation of a report. The fourth stage will be a feedback session. The five stages:
Stage 1
Each director will complete a 5 point Likert scale self-assessment questionnaire covering items that have been identified as correlating most significantly with successful governance. The questionnaire will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and be undertaken between 26 May -14 June (NOW* Wednesday 30 June - Tuesday 24 July). On completion the director will email his/her questionnaire to Dr Keith Halcro (Keith.Halcro@gcu.ac.uk)
The questionnaires’ results will be analysed:
a) to provide a set of descriptive statistics of the directors’ collective responses (these descriptive statics will only be released in the final report so as to avoid prejudicing participants’ answers in subsequent 1:1 interviews).
b) to identify a set of items for 1:1 semi-structured interviews with each of the directors (currently 11, now 12) linked to the theme of governance.
Stage 2: Each Director will discuss their experiences and opinions through a 1:1 semi-structured interview. Each Director will be interviewed at a mutually agreeable time during the period 27 July – 24 August. (*NOW Tuesday 17 August – Thursday 14 September)
Stage 3: Prepare (*NOW 15th September – 17th November) and submit a report to SM, including any possible recommendations by 28th October 2021 (Now 18th November)
Stage 4 : Keith Halcro and SM to meet in week of 8th November to discuss and review report, date to be confirmed (*NOW 22nd November, NOW 1 December)
Stage 5 Keith Halcro present to Board

Change of dates follows requests from Scotmid
Period30 Jun 202131 Jan 2022
Work forScotmid, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionNational


  • Directors
  • Cooperative
  • Multi method