Aligning Business Strategies to Product Strategies (Co-Presenter: Juha Savolainen) (1/2 Day Tutorial)

    Activity: OtherTypes of External academic engagement - Invited talk


    In the fast-moving consumer goods software product space, product types, requirements and features evolve continuously in response to a wide variety of sociological, cultural, technological, economic, political, environmental changes. Often this evolution is anticipated but often it is not. To survive, many software product suppliers build a software product line platform that enables rapid cost-effective product derivation using common and variable requirements. However the choice of platform development strategy must align with the supplier’s business strategy. Without careful management over time, the platform can become unaligned and no longer cost-effective to use. In this tutorial we will describe how the prudent use of a set of re-quirements variability management techniques can ensure the alignment of the business strategy and platform development strategy.
    Period4 Jan 2015