Dr. Ben Stansfield

Postal address:
Glasgow Caledonian University
70 Cowcaddens Road
United Kingdom

Research interests

Ben Stansfield is a Reader in Health Engineering and a Chartered Mechanical Engineer. Ben converted to a Biomechanics specialism with MSc and PhD studies at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. Ben is a member of the Ageing Well Research Group in the Institute for Applied Health Research with a focus on the development of methods for measuring physical activity and sedentary behaviour. 

Ben has extensive experience of 3D motion and force analysis in the lower and upper limbs. His work is now focused on the free-living context, measuring physical activity and sedentary behaviour with miniaturised body worn sensors. 

Current projects include the investigation of physical activity of children (EPSRC) and people undergoing hip replacement, also tremor in multiple sclerosis (MS Society). 

Ben Stansfield’s research interests are: 

Activity monitoring – development of methods in the field of activity monitoring 
Motion and force analysis – characterisation of human movement, cause and effect

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