Dr. Alexandra Mavroeidi

Alexandra Mavroeidi
Postal address:
Glasgow Caledonian University
70 Cowcaddens Road
United Kingdom

Research interests

I am a state registered dietitian with 17 years of academic experience, specialising in the field of nutrition, exercise and bone health. I have been involved in a number of studies looking at the relative contributions of sunlight, diet and physical activity on vitamin D status in women living in the north of the UK. I joined the Ageing Well Research Group at the Glasgow Caledonian University in 2016,  and my current research focuses on lifestyle interventions (reduction of sedentary behaviour and optimisation of diet) to prevent falls in older adults and improve quality of life.  

Main current research activities include:

  • Falls prevention in the over 65s with the use of ICT assisted exercise programmes.
  • The role of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in bone mass, fractures and falls.
  • The identification of any gene-physical activity interactions and the study of the interrelationships of physical activity and diet, fractures and key genes in musculoskeletal diseases.
  • Sunlight and dietary influences on vitamin D status in North East of Scotland.
  • The role of vitamin D in cardiovascular disease.
  • The role of lifestyle (diet and physical activity) and chronic low-grade systemic inflammation in older adults.
  • The effect of alternative types of exercise on weight loss/body composition and its application on workplace settings.

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